Looking for a Job?

Our team is a set of dropouts from different jobs, just led to work for their own. We are IT experienced people. We are tied up with most of the start-ups and mid level companies. Our main target is to make people to identify the right choice for them. Our team is dedicated working on this. We are helping Job Seekers to get a right Job, Companies to get the right practician, Businesses to decide their goals and Students to choose the right platform.

The Founders Tale

Akshay Jain

Founder and CEO

Worked as a FullStack Developer for more than 5 years in different product based Start-ups. After getting knowledge of different business models and technologies, he is back into the industry. Leading the role as CEO, he manages all the IT activities.

Priya Jain


An entrepreneur cum Maestro in her work. She is the successful business person in multiple domains. She is creative, initiator and dedicated for work. As a co-founder & a lead person, she manage all the non IT activities.